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Vegetation assessment and forest dynamic study of various areas in Gabon from 2000 to 2018

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20 March 2019
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Data are provided by Institut de Recherche en Ecologie Tropicale (IRET), Herbier National du Gabon and the Smithsonian Institution via the Rabi plot. Trees with diameter at breast height (dbh) ≥ 1cm or 10 cm was measured according the study site. The dbh is measured with a diametric tape at approximately 1.3 m from ground, avoiding lianas growing on the trunk or above buttresses and stilt roots.

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Samplingevent; forest plots; tree identification; Gabon


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Geographic Coverage

Data were collected in the following areas of Gabon: Monts de Cristal, Sibang (Estuaire); Bagombé, Kouma, Leke, Okouma (Haut Ogooué); Haut Abanga (Moyen Ogooué), Dango, Dibwangui, Dondon-Mobi, Mandji, Mouila, Ndendé, Ovala, Waka, Yombi (Ngounié) ; Ipassa, Ivindo, Koungou, Zadié (Ogooué Ivindo); Rabi (Ogooué Maritime); Bitam (Woleu-Ntem) and Lastourville (Ogooué Lolo).

Bounding Coordinates South West [-3.864, 8.921], North East [2.416, 14.502]

Taxonomic Coverage

These data are inventory data from 414 plots that contain 224191 trees including 722 species, 339 genera and 74 families.

Family Achariaceae, Anacardiaceae, Anisophylleaceae, Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Aptandraceae, Araliaceae, Arecaceae, Asparagaceae, Asteraceae, Bignoniaceae, Burseraceae, Calophyllaceae, Cannabaceae, Cardiopteridaceae, Centroplacaceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Clusiaceae, Combretaceae, Connaraceae, Coulaceae, Ctenolophonaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Dichapetalaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Ebenaceae, Erythropalaceae, Erythroxylaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Gentianaceae, Huaceae, Humiriaceae, Hypericaceae, Icacinaceae, Irvingiaceae, Ixonanthaceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Lecythidaceae, Loganiaceae, Malvaceae, Melastomataceae, Meliaceae, Moraceae, Myristicaceae, Myrtaceae, Ochnaceae, Octoknemaceae, Pandaceae, Passifloraceae, Peraceae, Peridiscaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Picrodendraceae, Polygalaceae, Primulaceae, Putranjivaceae, Rhamnaceae, Rhizophoraceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Salicaceae, Santalaceae, Sapindaceae, Sapotaceae, Simaroubaceae, Stemonuraceae, Strombosiaceae, Thomandersiaceae, Urticaceae, Violaceae, Vochysiaceae

Project Data

The BID-AF2015-0038-NAC project has gathered these data that come from vegetation assessment and forest dynamic study of various areas in Gabon from 2000 to 2018. These studies have been supported by Several fundings. First by the CARPE fund, started in 2004 to assess vegetation in the national parks of Gabon. A botanical team from diffrents institutions such as ForestsResources and People, Limbe Botanic Garden, l’Herbier National du Gabon,Smithsonian Institution, Wildlife Conservation society, and the Missouri Botanical Garden was involved in order to install permanent Biodiversity Plots (BDP’s) within the national parks of Monts de Cristal and Waka (Sunderland et al. 2004; Balinga et al. 2006). Others national projects relayed to study trees diversity and forest dynamic in Gabon across the Aires-Sud 7148 project that allowed IRET to install 3 perment plots in the north of Gabon. These data were used to model spatial distribution of trees and to develop growth modelling of commercial trees (Obiang et al. 2010; Engone Obiang et al. 2012; Obiang et al. 2013; Obiang et al. 2014). But the bigest plot (25 ha) in Gabon was installed by the Smithsonian in Rabi since 2010 (Memiaghe et al. 2016). Many non permanent plots were also been installed by IRET and Herbier National du Gabon between 2011 and 2018.

Title Support for data collection of plant biodiversity in Gabon
Identifier BID-AF2015-0038-NAC
Funding BID-AF2015-0038-NAC funded the data mobilization whereas field collect data were funded by CARPE, Aires-Sud project number 7148, Smithsonain project number #1548 of the Gabon Biodiversity Program, IRET and Herbier National du Gabon.
Study Area Description The project activities were implemented in Gabon. Covering an area of 267,660 km² where forest occupies 88% of the national territory. Gabon is home to an estimated 6,000-10,000 plant species (Breteler, 1989).
Design Description The data were generated in order to study vegetation assesssment and forest dynamic in various areas of Gabon.

The personnel involved in the project:

Nestor Laurier Engone Obiang
  • Curator

Sampling Methods

The presented data come from either permanent or non-permanent plots. • The 1 ha permanent plots from the National parks of Monts de Cristal and Waka were established according to the standardized methodology describe in Sunderland et al (2004) and Balinga et al (2006). • The 1 ha-plots of the IRET had been divided into 100 quadrats of 10m x 10m (see Picard and Gourlet-Fleury 2008). • The 25 ha-plot of Smithsonian in Rabi was subdivided into 625 quadrats of 20 m × 20 m, with elevation recorded at the 676 grid corners. Plot establishment followed the Smithsonian-ForestGEO standard methods (Condit 1998; Anderson-Teixeira et al. 2015; Memiaghe et al. 2016). • In the non-permanent rectangular or circular plots, trees were not tagged or located. Identification of trees were done directly on the trees with dbh ≥10 cm.

Study Extent Data were collected from different projects related to vegetation assessment and forest dynamic studies of various areas in Gabon. Those areas were: Monts de Cristal, Sibang (Estuaire); Bagombé, Kouma, Leke, Okouma (Haut Ogooué) ; Haut Abanga (Moyen Ogooué), Dango, Dibwangui, Dondon-Mobi, Mandji, Mouila, Ndendé, Ovala, Waka, Yombi (Ngounié) ; Ipassa, Ivindo, Koungou, Zadié (Ogooué Ivindo) ; Rabi (Ogooué Maritime); Bitam (Woleu-Ntem) and Lastourville (Ogooué Lolo).
Quality Control BRAHMS, XAMPP were used for quality control. These data were of high quality because they were subject of numerous scientific publications.

Method step description:

  1. Different steps were described in the following papers: - Condit (1998) - Sunderland et al (2004) - Balinga et al (2006) - Picard et Gourlet-Fleury 2008) - Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2015) - Memiaghe et al. (2016)

Bibliographic Citations

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